Choose your words carefully.

Because to sell, persuade, or inspire, you have to match the right words to the right voice—your voice. One that’s true to who you are, what your brand offers, why people should care.

Yes, there’s more to marketing—but “voice” is its warm and beating heart.

Think about it.

Humans spoke, and listenedlong before the written word. A baby reacts to speech from the moment she’s born. And though adults read in silence, they sound out the words in their heads. They hear them “in voice.” (You’re doing it now, I’ll bet.)

So when you address your audience—on a website, in a brochure, sales letter, ad, or email—it pays to get the voice right. And the truth is, you already know what to say.

Just picture yourself at a cookout: guard down, cold drink in hand, chatting with friends. One of them asks, “So what’s [your product/service/business] all about?”

What happens next is unconscious . . . you don’t have to think about it. You say what you mean to say, and your audience gets it. 

But here’s the rub.

When you need to deliver the same message to prospects, leads, or clients? You’re like a 6th-grader at a dance, tapping your foot beneath a disco ball, trying to work out how to talk to your crush.

What you mean to say is, “Hi, I think you’re really cool. Would you like to dance with me?”

But here’s what comes out: “Our company has been a top-ranked 6th-grader since 1974, offering only the finest in authentic dance-card invitations, as well as the very best dance moves. Now that you’ve received our invitation, please reply immediately in the affirmative.” 

Now, tell me: Who would you dance with?

I am a copywriter. I can help you communicate with confidence, and say what you mean to say—who you are, what your brand offers, why people should care. 

Your message will be clear, powerful, and persuasive. Your voice, consistent and compelling. And your brand: unmistakably you.