Project type:

Web copy 

Written for:

Efficiency Smart


Efficiency Smart


I consulted on copy for Efficiency Smart’s website redesign. For a series of core pages (two examples included here), I rewrote existing copy to make it more accessible, clear, and straightforward in tone.

Copy: “Meter Loan” 

Learn how much electricity you use—and how much you can save—with our free meter loan service.
Measure the electric usage of everything from your fridge to your entertainment system. Then give us a call, and we’ll help you review your results and compare them with the average electrical consumption of household devices. This can help you make smart choices when you are considering purchasing new products for your home.
The meter is easy to use: Just plug it into an appliance, then connect it to an outlet. It displays the number of watts being used and your cost in electricity, and will even show if an appliance is drawing energy when not in use.

Copy: “Product Rebates” 

Today’s efficient products can lower your energy bills while making your home more comfortable and functional. Built with the latest technology, they may also come with “smart” control features not offered in standard products.
Receive cash back from Efficiency Smart when you buy energy-efficient products (see eligible products and appliances below). You can submit your rebate form online or download a printable form and mail it in.

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