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Web copy

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Efficiency Vermont


Corey Machanic


When Efficiency Vermont rebuilt their website in 2015, they hired me to write new content for core pages. This included detail pages for energy efficient products and services. Included here is one example, for commercial refrigeration.

Copy: “Commercial Refrigeration”

Save up to 50% on refrigeration costs with a mix of high-efficiency equipment, controls, and regular maintenance.
Refrigeration is always on, which is why it consumes up to 50% of the energy in a typical grocery store. Investing in energy-efficient equipment and controls can lower your utility bills and keep food fresher longer. Get more out of your existing equipment with some important low- and no-cost fixes. Clean coils regularly, replace gaskets, set thermostats no lower than required, use LEDs, and install automatic door closers.
Evolution of Refrigeration
Ice was the original refrigerator. In Vermont it used to be sawed and harvested in large blocks from Lake Champlain, as well as smaller lakes and ponds, then dragged by sled to icehouses for storage. When artificial refrigeration arrived in the 19th century, it was designed to meet the needs on the hottest day of the hottest year, known as peak load. Today’s efficient technology allows refrigeration systems to modulate, or load match, producing only what’s needed in the moment.

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