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Sell sheet for heat pumps

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Efficiency Vermont




Part of Efficiency Vermont’s mission is to promote energy efficiency by educating the public. And one way they do this is by talking to Vermonters one-on-one at live events.

Much confusion about heat pumps stems from their name (many don’t realize they’re also air conditioners). This sell sheet was created to be a conversation starter. The goal was to demystify heat pumps by explaining what they are and how they benefit the user, in an easy-to-digest format.

Copy:  "Heat Pumps: A Hot (and Cool) Technology"

What is a heat pump?
It’s an advanced-technology air conditioner that can also efficiently heat your home or business in winter. Heat pumps and air conditioners cool the same way, by using electrical energy to move heat from inside to the outdoors. But a heat pump has a reversing switch that lets you change its function from cooling to heating in winter—with the press of a remote control button.
Why would I want one?
  • Heat and cool with one system—energy efficient, no ducting required.

  • Use less energy for heating—about a third of an oil burning system to heat the same amount of space.

  • Use less electricity for cooling—about 50% of a typical window AC.

  • Pro installation, done once—no seasonal removal or reinstallation; windows can remain closed and secured in summer.

  • Shhh... they run quiet! That’s a big plus compared to many air conditioners.

  • Zone friendly—heat and cool only the rooms you want to. “Multi-split” systems let you run several indoor units off of one outdoor unit.

  • Renewable compatible—use the electricity generated by your solar panels or wind turbine to heat and cool your home.

  • Financing and rebates—up to $800 per-unit rebate for your contractor (passed on to you), plus low- and no-interest financing structured to suit your needs. On-bill leasing is also available for Green Mountain Power customers. [...]

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