Project type: 

Web copy

Written for:

Green Mountain College

Art direction, design:

Stride Creative Group


While redesigning Green Mountain College’s website, Stride turned to me for copy on core pages. The goal was to get across the benefits of GMC’s unique approach to the liberal arts. And to do so in a voice that captures the school’s open-minded, academically rigorous, very Vermont outlook.

Copy: “Our Faculty” 

More than a transfer of knowledge, to teach is to push limits — to guide students in exploring the world with their minds, their heart, and their hands. Our faculty of experts makes this possible.
With Fulbright scholars and recognized thought leaders among its ranks, our faculty has reason to be proud [...]

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Copy: “Our Roots, Our Future” 

To understand who we are — a community working to bring positive change to the world — it helps to know who we once were, how we began, where this tree grew roots.
And that place is Vermont — home to a fierce streak of independence, respect for difference, and connection to the natural, intellectual, and spiritual world. Dig under the soil, and you discover our roots intertwined [...]

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Copy: “Why Green Mountain College” [excerpt]

Pioneers for a sustainable world.
Our curriculum is built on a framework of social, economic, and environmental sustainability and has been named the #1 curriculum in sustainability by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). Regardless of major, you and your peers complete our 37-credit Environmental Liberal Arts (ELA) sequence, a cross-disciplinary program that prepares you for a career in today’s fastest-growing fields, including the green jobs sector. [...]

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“Your writing is so clean and engaging, and you’ve captured the brand voice perfectly.”  
– Terri Parent | Co-founder, Stride Creative Group
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