Project type:

Product copy for print catalog

Written for:

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Art direction:

Stride Creative


RL Photo Studio


A sampling of product copy from recent catalogs. To see a full catalog in a new window, click here.

Copy: “The art of the perfect caramel”

What’s the secret to the big, bold flavors in our seal salt caramels? Premium ingredients and old-fashioned patience. Sugars caramelized to a golden color in open copper kettles. Fresh Vermont cream added at just the right moment. 

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Copy: “Say it with style & taste”

It’s more than what you say — it’s how you say it. When you give a gift of fresh chocolates from Vermont, “Thank you” just sounds sweeter, “Congratulations” means more, and “Happy Birthday” takes the cake. 

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Copy: “Five Star Bars”

These bars have earned their stars, and one bite is all you need to taste why we wrap them in gold. Still crafted by hand — the only way to pack in so much flavor — this is the ultimate chocolate bar.

Copy: “The better butter crunch”

Our must-try take on classic English toffee is chock-full of roasted almonds, covered in milk chocolate, and dusted with crushed almonds. Every crumbly, nutty, chocolatey bite is a harmony of flavors and textures. Oh-my-YUM!

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