Project type:

Chocolate bar packaging  

Written for:

Lake Champlain Chocolates


CGD Design LLC


I developed this copy for the relaunch of LCC’s organic and signature chocolate bar lines. My approach was to give each bar its own personality, to match the various “flavor moods” and memory associations a consumer might have.

Copy: “Organic Creamy Coconut”

smooth coconut in dark chocolate, a breezy taste of the tropics
Instant vacation
You deserve a break from the hustle and bustle — and it’s waiting, just a chocolate bar away. Unwrap a classic combo of rich dark chocolate filled with creamy coconut and let the instant vacation begin.

Copy: “Organic Milk Chocolate”

a classic taste of childhood for the kid in everyone
All-Time Favorite

The sweet bite and magical melt of pure milk chocolate — every taste takes you to a happy place, just as satisfying and delicious as when you were little.

Copy: “Organic Peanut Butter”

creamy peanut butter tucked in silky milk chocolate
Total Satisfaction

It’s a sweet state of mind — and the inspiration for this dynamite milk chocolate bar packed with creamy organic peanut butter. Because your quest is all about flavor, and satisfaction should be its own reward.

Copy: “Organic Salted Caramel”

dark chocolate bursting with salty-sweet caramel
Love at First Bite

Delicious proof that opposites attract — within these squares of sweet dark chocolate is a hidden treasure of golden, salted caramel. Your conscience may tell you to share, but it’s only natural to keep this one all to yourself.

Copy: “Signature Dark Chocolate Rum Caramel”

dark rum caramel wrapped in rich chocolate 
Island Adventure

Escape to the moment you deserve — tempting dark chocolate filled with aromatic rum caramel. This is small-batch chocolate from Vermont, a treat from first sight to very last bite.

Copy: “Signature Dark Chocolate Peppermint Crunch”

smooth dark chocolate and cool peppermint crunch 
Simply Enchanting

Taste the irresistible magic of dark chocolate laced with cool, sweet peppermint crunch. This is small-batch chocolate from Vermont — a treat from first sight to very last bite..

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