Project type:

Copy for full-color brochure

Written for:  

Middlebury Language Schools 

Art direction:

Pamela Fogg | Middlebury 


Lyn DeGraff | Middlebury


At the time the School of Hebrew was in its second year, having been added as Middlebury College’s 10th Language School in 2008. This brochure (first page included here) was created to market the fledgling program and recruit students. 

The recently developed “Life doesn’t come with subtitles” tagline served as a springboard for copy. The goal was to give prospective students (and teacher-mentors who advise them) a snapshot of how Middlebury’s famed Language Pledge leads to superfast, culture-rich language learning.

Copy:  “Life doesn’t come with subtitles”

To be able to truly communicate in the world, there is no substitute for sharing a common language. And short of having Hebrew as your mother tongue, there’s simply no path to linguistic and cultural fluency that matches the total immersion experience at the Brandeis University-Middlebury School of Hebrew.
What sets us apart? The Language Pledge.
The Language Pledge is the promise you make to read, write, listen, and speak in only the language of study for the duration of your program, and it is the defining element of the Middlebury immersion experience. Both a symbol of commitment and an essential part of the learning process, it ensures that every moment of the day is an opportunity for you to improve your Hebrew language skills—both in class and in everyday, real-world situations—and to fully immerse yourself in the culture.
No English Spoken Here. Swearing off English for the summer can be intimidating, but the gains to be reaped are great. By creating a Hebrew-only environment, the Pledge sets the stage for remarkably fast language acquisition, helping you gain the equivalent of one year of college-level Hebrew in a matter of weeks. Equally important is the gain in confidence and the feeling of accomplishment that will accompany your rapid progress.



“Nelson gets my strongest endorsement.”  
– Jamie Northrup | Senior Associate Vice President of Strategy, Tulane University | (Former) Director of Institutional Collaboration & Marketing, Middlebury College
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