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“About Us” web copy and print ads

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South End Kitchen


CGD Design LLC


South End Kitchen’s “About” page and print ads (one example here) needed to articulate its unique selling proposition: fresh, simple, local, laid-back, and all about quality. And to explain its multi-use nature—restaurant, cooking school, and bean-to-bar chocolate maker.

Copy: “About the South End Kitchen” 

A big appetite is growing in Burlington, Vt. — and the South End Kitchen aims to feed it. From Pine Street to UVM all the way to the New North End, there’s a hunger for what’s fresh, seasonal, and simple. A yearning to fall in love with flavor. To taste honest food and real chocolate, made from scratch before your eyes. Maybe even learn how to make it yourself, if you like. And to approach each bite with curiosity, wonder, and delight.
Café. Education kitchen. Craft chocolate. 
Three unique experiences — one remarkable space brought to life by Vermont’s best-loved chocolate company. Led by master chef and educator Sarah Langan, the South End Kitchen is Vermont to the core: wide-open views, vibrant flavors, warm smells, enticing sounds, and bespoke wood and metalwork by local artisans.   
A space where you get to connect with food on your own terms, whatever they might be. Keeping it short and sweet? Grab a chocolate-glazed donut and pour-over coffee, then hit the road. Have time to linger? Relax with a view of our fireplace and open kitchen, and watch Chef Sarah’s team build your light-as-air soufflé from local clothbound cheddar, or top mouthwatering tartines with ratatouille and herb-roasted chicken. 
Then gaze past floor-to-ceiling glass, and follow along as Eric Lampman crafts Blue Bandana single-origin chocolate bars from scratch. Starting with directly sourced cocoa beans, each step of his chocolate-making process can be seen right from your table. All while you nibble a cone of fresh-churned ice cream drizzled with housemade chocolate sauce, or sip an expertly constructed maple latte.
And hey, we love to talk food! Just bring your enthusiasm — Chef Sarah’s happy to step out and discuss the perfect poached egg or crème anglaise, whatever your interest may be. And when you’re ready to take your culinary chops to a new level, join expert instructors in our state-of-the-art education kitchen for some serious fun. You won’t believe you ever wanted to cut class.
Eat. Learn. Connect. Engage. Delight.
You don’t have to do it all — but it’s amazing to realize you can.